I visited Mary’s place this weekend with my girlfriend and really enjoyed it. We stopped in just to see what “it” was. We had already passed “it” once on the way to Holden Beach but on the way back we just had to give in to our curiosities. And we are so glad we did. We live just down Hwy 17 in Leland and never knew anything about Mary, how? I don’t know. Anyhow, we walked around the front at first just waiting for some form of deliverance to jump out and get us. We were actually a little scared. How many adults live inside a child’s fantasy? Anyhow, we eventually walked around the side and that’s when we met Mary Paulsen. She’s crazy, in a good way and her heart shines bigger than herself. She see’s the world through her own eyes and in the process she’s opening many more. I wish more people would lose themselves in their passions because when you meet someone who has it is such an inspiring gift. I’m sort of an artist myself, and once we were home I painted my first painting in over a year. Meeting Mary was amazing. I wish you a bunch of success and thank you for doing this piece about Mary!


Jamie Murray
Business Development Manager